Engineering Services

In the earliest stages of a development where a particular site is being considered, we can carry out a geotechnical survey of the site to assess its suitability for the projected development. This may for example, include such items as ground stability, risk of gas generation in landfill sites, coal extraction, bedrock and subsoil composition, contamination and any similar features likely to affect building operations or cause problems in subsequent use.

In conjunction with our architectural design services we can design and detail the load bearing components of a structure such as foundations, beams, columns, trusses, and retaining walls. Utilising structural materials of steelwork, timber, reinforced concrete and masonry, best suited to a particular project.

The purpose of this report is to comment upon aspects of the property where its stability may be affected either in whole or part. Such matters may involve the roof, walls or floors and may relate to subsidence or settlement of the foundations. This type of survey is often undertaken following recommendations of the Valuation Surveyor who may have reported stability issues at the time of the property purchase. The examining engineer will.. have a detailed knowledge of building defects and will advise upon the nature of the problem in hand and will recommend a suitable course of action. Unlike the intermediate building survey, matters relating to the stability of the property will be assessed in more detail.

Where a property suffers from structural damage or operational problems, detailed investigations can be carried out to identify the cause and remedy. Such work may include where necessary, excavation to inspect foundations, testing of drains and inspecting concealed parts together with a full assessment of strength and stability. It may be necessary to monitor the movement and we can employ sophisticated surveying techniques to check for progressive effects.

Dimensional surveys of building and land are often essential in the development of a project. They can be carried out as part of a full involvement or on a piecemeal basis. Use of laser surveying equipment will often be employed.